It’s hard to watch TV without seeing a hashtag. Millions of people are now sharing their TV viewing experience on social media and networks are increasingly sharing video on social media platforms to monetize engagement and drive tune-in. Social activity during TV’s prime time has skyrocketed 193% since just last year and the Social TV market revenue is expected to grow from $151.14 billion in 2012 to $256.44 billion in 2017*. That kind of growth means programmers are looking at social-media chatter not just as an amplifier of TV programming but as content in its own right.


Join us on Monday June 12th as we explore an insider look at the cutting-edge strategies and technologies for building engagement, revenue and tune-in. Hear the latest from industry leaders with sessions on programming and talent, social media management tools, analytics and what’s coming on the product side to stoke the conversation around video content.


From the executive producer of the Next TV Summit, Social TV Conference is presented in partnership with Broadcasting & Cable, Multichannel News, TV Technology and TWICE.


*According to a market research report, Social TV Market: Global Advancements Forecasts & Analysis (2012 – 2017)”, published by MarketsandMarkets



Join familiar faces from Next TV Summit and new colleagues, too, as executives and innovators gather to network, share notes and learn about the latest strategies, technologies and products. Expect to see representatives from across the TV landscape – from broadcasters and programmers, digital-first studios and analytics companies to social media platforms, technology companies and manufacturers.